Jonathan Guillen music + sound


I have recently completed the music for the short film Tilt, written and directed by Michal Janicki starring Nicole Wiesner. This is the first film collaboration with Michal, having worked with him on several theatre projects in Chicago (most recently Hamlemachine). You can watch Tilt and see some of Michal's other visually stunning projects at

The music for Tilt was created with Felix Salazar through a process of real-time improvising, looping, and sampling. Felix created the source material by improvising on a microKorg and sent one signal to Pro Tools and another signal to my computer running Ableton Live. With Live I captured segments of his audio and looped, duplicated, stretched, pitch-shifted, chopped, and sliced to create a sound texture to accompany his improvising, sending that resulting signal to Pro Tools as well. What you hear is the final Pro Tools session, neatly edited to fit the dramatic structure of Michal's film. I will be in a film festival in Chicago this August where I will create the soundtrack to a 15 minute film by improving from source material supplied by participants from the audience. It should be fun and interesting; more details to come soon.