Jonathan Guillen music + sound

The wedding ep

Last October, my wife Amy and I planned to surprise the attendees of our wedding with a live musical performance, accompanied by our good friend Kristin Rutter. We chose the song "the crickets and the spiders" by Trapeze and Carrots, a sister duo that I knew when I lived in Los Angeles. This was one of two songs that became a mantra of sorts for me. I was going through a difficult time and I feared my musical motivation and creativity had run dry. I played this song on my guitar over and over when I had nothing left, and after many long days my music came back. The wedding performance was amazing and moving and cry-faces all around. But the surprise did not end there.

Our friends had come up with an idea to collectively write a poem together that would be converted into a song and presented as a gift to us. The poem was compiled just a few weeks before the wedding when it was handed over to Felix Salazar and Brandon Mayer. In that short time they took the poem, shaped it into a song, wrote music, arranged parts, and recorded it all to be played during the wedding toasts. They definitely surprised us and even more cry-faces all around.

Also, did I mention the other song that became a mantra for me was written by Brandon Mayer? Because it was. It's wonderful how both songs came together, how personally they are related to Amy and I, and how involved our closest friends and loved ones were in making it happen. So presented here is the 2-song wedding ep; a lot of love is in this music.