Jonathan Guillen music + sound

Elephant's Graveyard

musical - Elephant's Graveyard
performed by Red Tape Theatre - 2012
directed by James Palmer
lyrics by George Brant
Jeff Award nomination for Outstanding Original Incidental Music
performed at Westminster College - 2014performed at Henderson Civic Theatre - 2014

"...a score of dark, plucky country music, sounding like bluegrass but evoking the southern rebelliousness of Rockabilly...the songs are neatly multifaceted...some of the best music on a Chicago theatre stage right now, in a musical or a straight play and this heated, unnerving production would not be quite the same without it." - Podunk Critic

"...indelible original score augment the vivid ensemble." - Time Out Chicago
"...a rustic reflecting the dramatic ambience and intensifying the impact..." - Windy City Times
"...a 90-minute dirge...starts up with a spooky tune...the musical numbers were a highlight." - Centerstage Chicago
"...a bluegrass twang and homespun harmonies..." - Chicago Theater Beat
"...down-home music..." - Chicago Reader
"...rootsy old-time songs..." - NewCity Stage