Jonathan Guillen music + sound

No Beast So Fierce

play - No Beast So Fierce
performed by Oracle Theatre - 2015

“…the original score by Jonathan Guillen begins to set a tone of intrigue with bass-loaded repetitions akin to Philip Glass but with ample tonality. While the music, like a cinematic score, is meant to cue in the action, it is so compelling that it would seem like a good idea for Oracle to present a musical recital of the piece in standalone mode.” - Splash Magazine
“Whenever you see Jonathan Guillen credited for the music in an Oracle show, you know it’s going to be a good night.” - Chicago Critic
“Jonathan Guillen’s score, which varies from 1940s jazz to Steve Reich minimalism to pulsing war drums creates a sense of momentum…” - Newcity Stage
“…a menacing score by Jonathan Guillen.” - Stage and Cinema
“...original music by Jonathan Guillen is creepily appropriate.” - Gapers Block
“…with Jonathan Guillen’s chilly background musical arrangements…” - Chicago Theater Beat