Jonathan Guillen music + sound

behind the curtain at the Fulton Street Collective

 I am "unveiling" my latest piece, behind the curtain, at the Fulton Street Collective in an experimental film and music festival, the Really Reel Film Fest. I am creating an "on-the-fly" soundtrack to an "on-the-fly" film created by Bryn McCoy (she likes fish, and so do I). The audio will be generated by audience members playing mbiras, music boxes, and tinker-toys all manipulated in real-time using Ableton Live by Yours Truly. The video will be generated by Mrs. McCoy, manipulating video of sea creatures, ballerinas, and pixels using Resolume. It is going to be some impromptu fun, and afterwards there will be a dance party by PepePiano. If you're in Chicago on the weekend of August 20th you should check it out!