Jonathan Guillen music + sound

The Mother returns!

The remount of The Mother at Oracle Theatre in Chicago is in full swing! So why should you see this show again and what can you expect?

You're going to hear the same amazing voices! All of the cast except one actress (minus one Sarah Pretz, add one Kate Staiger) are reprising their roles, so they get to revisit and explore new ideas with more potency, like a pot of spaghetti sauce that has marinated in the fridge for a few days. You're going to hear the same great music! I made some light orchestration adjustments and remixed every song. The new mix brings out instruments and timbres that would have otherwise been lost in the previous version. There's also some extra bottom for you bass heads. You're going to hear more dynamics! The cast and crew were busy during the last 2 months under the firm but loving guidance of music director Nicholas Tonozzi, adding more details, greater crescendos, softer pianissimos, and more articulation. You're going to see updated scenes, lights, sets, costumes, video, and choreography! Director Max Truax has been adding more nuance, more silent screams, and more cowbell to this production. That guy loves cowbell.

It's been Jeff Recommended, named 2013 Best of On the Fringe by Chicago Tribune, and to top it all, admission is FREE under Public Access Theatre. This is theatre at its best, so reserve your tickets here quickly because they are going fast. You don't want to miss it!