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space_cabin_ fever

For those of you who don't know, I am in an 8-bit electro-dance pop duo with graphic designer and art therapist Amy Smethurst. We are called space_cabin_ (the underscores are part of it, like programming in Python). I was in many pop rock bands and ensembles during my youthful Los Angeles tenure, but like many relationships they ended, some amicably and some not so much. I created space_cabin_ after producing and recording other wonderful artists throughout the years and feeling like I was not contributing to the pop music dialogue. I am grateful to have my music included in films, theatre, and musicals, but I can still write a poppy tune that may never fit into any one of those outlets, so space_cabin_ was born.

It has taken some time to get this cabin off the ground, let me tell you. Amy and I put together the first proto_hype of s_c_ around the end of 2011. We slapped some demos together and made some performance stems; we even played some shows if you were lucky enough to catch them. Then in the summer of 2012, as I was hunkering down to complete our first ep "proto_hype" (ep is a fancy way of saying "mini-album") my laptop was stolen right from our apartment, containing all of the master sessions not only for s_c_ but for an operetta I wrote in Chicago called "HamletMachine". A few days prior to that I had dropped the back up drive and broke it, so darn. The thief came in through the bathroom window for those that will note the irony. I was not protected by a silver spoon, so I was left to suck my thumb and wonder, 'what will I do now?" Luckily Amy had some mp3s of some early bounces, so I am able to Frankenstein something together, but it has been hard to regain momentum. It took me until 2013 to save up money for a new laptop; I also wrote 2 musicals between then and now, "Elephant's Graveyard" and "The Mother" so I've been busy. But along came a contest by Novation, makers of some fine analog keyboards. They provided about a gig of free samples (still available) and proposed songwriters to piece together a song from those samples. I took this as an opportunity to rebound space_cabin_ into the outer stratosphere and beyond. Below is our contest submission and is the first s_c_ recording in about 2 1/2 years. The ep "proto_hype" will be dropping on an official bandcamp page by the end of this year, but in the meantime follow us at Thanks for all your patience and support, space_campers_!